Remember that you can sign up as an individual that is part of an already-formed team or as an individual that needs a team. An already-formed team is one that can distribute the 300 kilometers (187 miles) among the team members. However, if you do not have a team, you can still sign up and we will find you a fun and competitive team.

  • What’s Included with the $120 fee
  • Medal
  • Race Photos
  • Adventure Insurance
  • Transportation to Relay Points
  • Pasta Meal + Safety Briefing Thursday
  • Entertainment (Activities) at Central Campground
  • Hydration stations, course logistics and race support
  • Five meals: 2 Breakfasts - 2 Lunches - 1 Dinner
  • You can add the following options:
  • Camping
  • Official Running T-shirt
  • Official Running Jacket
  • Personal Drone Footage
  • Meal plan for adult and children.
  • Private hotel room or shared room for your team
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