Participant Information

This is the time table for race-weekend:

  • Kit pickup + Safety Briefing:

      1. We will hold a pasta party and safety briefing in the city of Medellín on Thursday Novermber 12th, 2020:
        1. Place: T.B.D.
        2. Time: 7:30 PM.
      2. Here you will have a chance to pick up your race packets, ask last-minute questions, listen to recommendations for the campground and course enjoy dinner with your fellow runners.
      3. Attendance to this meeting is mandatory. You must be either present, or connect to the Live streaming via Instagram or Facebook. (hopefully with a bowl of pasta in hand).
  • Central Campground:

    1. Even though we are calling it a campground, the race festivities will be held at a hotel with available rooms to rent. Each private room has a private jacuzzi. Availability of these rooms are on a first-come, first-book basis. All other runners must do camping on site, or use one of the partner hotels we list here. Transportation to and from those partner hotels is the responsibility of each runner. We encourage team sharing of rooms as there are no public showers. Rooms are large and can accommodate several sleeping matts/bags.
    2. The location of the Central Campground and Race Festivities is:
      1. Check-IN: Saturday November 14th from 5:00 AM to 5:30 AM
      2. Race Start: 6:00 AM
      3. Course closes: Sunday November 15th 5:00 PM.
  • Event Timeline:

    1. Race starts on Saturday 6:00 AM and finishes on Sunday at 5:00 PM.
    2. Runners must check-in with race organizers on Saturday between 5:00 AM and 5:30 AM.
    3. Information about room check-in, required number of runners per team that must be present at time of check-in, and much more can be found here on the official running manual.
  • Checklist #2:

    1. This is a checklist for the items that are mandatory and suggested. We have divided these items in two. Personal and Group.No
      • Reusable bottle or hydration system. Remember: No disposable cups on course or at campground.
      • Race number + Insurance bracelet provided in race kit.
      • Light jacket. Windbreaker.
      • Ziploc bag to gather personal waste on course.
      • Personal body-size towel
    • PER TEAM:
      • Three headlamps.
      • Three reflective vests.
      • Three security whistles.
      • Three waterproof jackets.
      • One standard First-Aid kit per team.
      • Three small pepper sprays in case of an aggressive dog.
      • Replacement batteries or charging cables for all lights and headlamps.
      • Three GPS watches or cellphone with Strava and Zello installed.
      • One large trash can, any color, to gather team trash and recycling. (2? – trash and recycling)
      • Three sets of security lights.
      • Each set should include one light for the front and back of the runner.
      • Band-aids
      • Sunglasses
      • Running Gloves ??
      • Replacement socks
      • Running hat or visor
      • Blankets and pillows
      • Buff, scarf or wool hat
      • Warm jacket and sweatpants
      • Additional food and snacks as needed
      • Ziploc bag with toilet paper
      • Sunblock cream
      • Alternative pair of shoes for the hotel
      • Anti-chafing products
      • Earplugs for sleeping

    • PER TEAM:
      • Boardgames
      • Musical Instruments
      • Additional snacks and foods to share
      • High-altitude medicine** (Remember (that some altitude medications) that this medication needs to be taken 5 days before arriving to the camp otherwise it will not have effect)Consult your physician.
      • All camping items if you decide to use the camping option. Treat this experience as any other camping trip with your friends.

  • Regulations:

      • Here is the link to the general guide to the Trebol Camp 300. You must read it before picking up your kit and pass (pass what?) with a minimum score of 70% in order to pick up your kit.
      • The good news is that you have unlimited attempts to take the test.

  • Athlete Safety:

      • We are 100% committed to keeping you safe, comfortable and happy during this weekend. For this reason, we will have:
        • 2 medical volunteers at the campground.
        • 1 pre-hospital care assistant.
        • 24-hour connection to the Fire Department, Civil Defense and Police of Medellin, Rionegro and Envigado.
        • Strict visibility and road use policies.

  • Volunteers and Companions:

      • This is a family race, so you can come with your family and enjoy the weekend. You can buy the food package for them, or if they are only going to stay for a few hours, access to the camp but without meals is free.
      • As for volunteers, remember that each runner must serve a total of 3 hours on the circuit. The tasks are simple; guide turns on the circuit, attend the water stations, etc. Here you can select the shift you prefer. Remember that shifts are available on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • If you want to bring/provide a volunteer, please ask him/her to fill out this form. Once we receive it, we will contact you directly and assign you the corresponding tasks.
  • Frequently asked questions:

      • Here you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
      • However, if your question is not here, please contact us:
        WhatsApp: +57 300 529 3128
        Instagram: @TrebolCamp
        Facebook: @TrebolCamp
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